Missed Connections Project

Have you seen my furry werewolf hand? – m4m – 24 – (Astoria)have you seen my furry werewolf hand


You stepped on the Jean Tinguely pedal at the Met! – w4m – (Upper East Side)tinguely pedal at the met

We were both alone and waked the same path for a long time, starting in the room with the calder mobile, a DeKooning, a Gorky,, into the room with the Pollocks, past the Rauschenbergs, over to the Jean Tinguely Sculpture, where we both stood and you stepped on the pedal in the front, making it go! Then we walked almost together, one of us leading and then the other past a ton of paintings, down the stairs through the Pop artists, past the Kodrin Siguradottir installation, down more stairs, past  Balthus, Rothko, etc., before we parted near the entrances to the modern collection. I remember you looking at the Rothkos, standing very close to one, I remember thinking you were beautiful, and I remember thinking the moment I realized that we had lost each other that I would probably always regret not speaking to you.

Young Furry Dude at Roberta’s – m4m – (Bushwick)furries
We brushed against each other in the bathroom line…think you work there, dark beard, husky, big smile..was that a boner in your jeans that I rubbed against.. I had to leave but I’m around that zone alot…be in touch.. we can make hot pies together

Looking for my dinosaur friend – m4w – (Union Square)looking for my dinosaur friend          
After the Halloween parade, you stopped me in the street because I was a green dinosaur, just like you. I was so awestruck that all I could do is ask for a picture with you. Let’s meet and have a dino-talk!!!

Four Loko – w4w – Brooklyn 11/1/20104 loko
You used to be all up in the bodega…but then some biatchh cleaned  out the store. I miss yer delectable (is that how you spell that?) flavors…especially lemonade. And the way you taste when I’m barfing you out. COME BACK TO ME DARLING.

Girl at Bonzai who I kissed on the neck – m4w – (Brooklyn) – 11/17/2010girl at bonzai
If I could’ve tied you up and taken you home, I would’ve. In fact: If you are even just half as smart as you looked – you with your short brunette haircut teasingly grinding up against me on the dance floor – I’d probably get us a cat and suggest we split a one-bedroom apartment.

me=bicycle lane, you=hailing a cab. us=high five – m4w – (Gramercy) – 11/18/2010bike lane high five
so i was on the 5th ave lane at 19thish street yest and you were a cute girl that was in a hurry hailing a cab in my lane. i smiled, slowed down, you smiled. i raised my hand for a high five and you fived me. i turned around and gave you the call me symbol. that was that. i’d love to meet you under less stressful circumstances. i thought that was amazing.

To the beautiful babysitter in the pizza place – m4w – (Upper East Side) – 11/21/2010pizza babysitter
You were taking care of 3 of somebody else’s kids in the pizza place by 66th and 1st. I was the guy with the blonde crew cut. I looked for a chance to talk with you, but you had your hands full.

Shark Backpack – w4m – (6 train) – 11/21/2010shark backpack
Dear guy with Shark Backpack,
I’ve seen you twice now. The first time was on the Q train, from Canal into Brooklyn you got off somewhere before I did. The second was yesterday on the uptown 6 train from Union Square. I think you’re super cute and I love the way you dance along to your headphones (and you have a discman!! How great is that!!!) I think you’ve seen me both times. If I see you again I’m going to have to muster the courage to talk to you, or you could just respond to this post.
The girl with the red knit hat.

L train – saw you… -m4w – (Union Square) – 12/7/2010saw u
Saw you…looking at my dog, who was looking at your dog, who was looking at me, who was looking at you. We should all get together sometime. I’m thinking Tompkins dog run.

DMV, Miss do you need a pen? – m4w – (Manhattan)  1/19/2011dmv
I’m the Latin guy who was in the DMV on 34th st and asked you if you needed a pen then gave you mine. Then I said “nobody has a pen in this place.” I’d love to hear from you ❤

Puked in your sink – w4w – (Brooklyn) 3/20/2011


I puked in your sink last night and I feel like a monster. I left early this morning but I think you’re so rad and you have a really hot body and I hope you’ll give me another chance.

Since you’ve hanged those curtains in your room I want to see u – m4w (Gramercy)since u hanged those curtains
I’ve been able to watch you every day getting changed but I didn’t realize what I had until you put those curtains. Now you look even sexier and I realize I wish you didn’t have those damn curtains.

Unicorn Prince – w4m – 22 – (Brooklyn)unicorn prince
I saw you late last night as I rode by on the R train. You were alone in the station, strolling majestically, alone and dressed as a glittery, beautiful unicorn man. That takes GUTS! Let’s be friends?

To: all my (Seattle) friends – m4wseattle friends

You farted in Whole Foods – m4w – (Union Square)farted in whole foods
You were the tall brunette with the near-perfect body who farted in the bread section last night. I was the tall guy next to you who asked, “was that you?” You quickly replied, “No! Wasn’t me!” and almost seemed insulted I would ask. As the stink grew, you continued to deny the flatulence, but it was evident. I tried to get rid of the stench by waving two loaves of ciabatta bread. You stormed off in an angry huff. You are beautiful, and even if you’re a liar and fart like a clydesdale, I’d love to meet up sometime.

Amazing Woman sitting in 10B – m4w – (AA 180 LAX to JFK)amazing woman on the plane

Everyday I see you picking up your kid – m4w – 33 (at the schoolyard)  – 3/22/2011)milf luvr



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